Kamala Harris fiercely defends Biden as her supporters stand ready to back her should he step aside

Kamala Harris fiercely defends Biden

Despite her supporters are ready to support her should Biden step aside, Kamala Harris fiercely defends Biden.Vice President Kamala Harris has emerged as one of President Joe Biden’s strongest supporters in the week followed his terrible debate performance. She also has the most supports to succeed him on the ticket in the scenario that he were to step out.

Seven individuals, who were reached by the media, underlined that although Harris has focused on boosting Biden’s confidence her loyal backers are making it plain that, should the chance come up, she would have wide backing inside the party. These allies, including some Black Democrats, have made it explicit that they will resist any attempt to oust her this year with loud and dedicated opposition.

The Rev. Al Sharpton remarked, “I feel she’s done very well on her feet,” and while he continues to back Biden as the party’s nominee, Kamala shouldn’t be ignored in the event that Biden departs. “Kamala Harris been decent since the beginning. I believe she’s simply great. Furthermore, in my view, Kamala Harris is stronger to all the names that have been proposed.

Sharpton, a civil rights christian and MSNBC anchor, added that he has “no doubts” that anyone striving to throw out Harris, who was the very first woman, Black person, and someone of South Asian heritage who served as vice president, is “racist & misogynist.”

Democrats frequently utilized her statements on CNN to defend Joe Biden, saying “I’m not going to stay up all night together talking about the last 90 minutes when I’ve been following the last 3½ years of performance.”

Democrats were also following her lead as she pointedly mocked former president Donald Trump for propagating “lies” and inflicting “damage across the country” and stated unequivocally that she was going to work to defeat Donald in November.

Kamala Harris’ ability to rapidly respond to queries about the vice president’s enthusiasm and capacity for another presidency has helped quell some of the criticism she has faced for years, namely questions about her effectiveness in government positions and potential to win the president. The Biden team has used her interviews to defend the incumbent, and some Republicans have privately highlighted to her accomplishment as proof that she should not be bypassed over as the party’s choice if Biden disappears from the contest.

“We will not pull down,” Harris stated. “We shall follow our President’s lead. We are going to battle till we win. Joe Biden has committed his life to fight for the individuals of the United States. In this moment in time, I know we’re fully prepared for battle for him.” Inside Harris’ office, she and her senior leadership regularly reiterated that employees ought to keep their attention on backing Biden as the top of the campaign and not consider switching him, according to two people who commented on the basis of anonymity.

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